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Community has always been at the root of what we believe in. Working out just wouldn’t be the same without a built-in friend group cheering you on. You won’t just find friends here, you will find family.

We like to treat our members to lots of fun community events! Our members enjoy semi-annual intra-gym competitions, BBQ’s, a winter formal, beach WODs, and loads more. We’ve also got some pretty awesome member perks that include exclusive access to top brands like: Reebok, Progenex, Sports Basement just to name a few.





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1 week ago

BNKR Fit Sugar Land

Added spice to Roxanne! ...

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2 weeks ago

BNKR Fit Sugar Land

Happy Mother’s Day from all of us at BNKR! We hope y’all have a blessed day! ...

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1 month ago

BNKR Fit Sugar Land

We come in to BNKR to better ourselves and compete. It’s always a treat to enter a competition, and you have your BNKR crew cheering you on! Great job guys! ...

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1 month ago

BNKR Fit Sugar Land

Attention!!!! Y’all will not believe what Coach Fernando has to announce!!!! This is the “MAGIC PILL”!!! We at BNKR stand behind this! If you have what it takes, click the link below and come on in!


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1 month ago

BNKR Fit Sugar Land

Why did I join CrossFit?

After basically being apart of a team my entire life playing softball, crossfit filled that void after my collegiate softball career was over and gave me that push and competitive edge that I needed in my workouts. And it’s hard to get that from your typical globo gym.


The people at BNKR are awesome! They make you feel at home the first day walking in. There is always someone there to give you that extra push during a workout and cheer you on. The coaches are great and really work with you to get better.

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At The Bunker you will experience a unique approach to fitness. Whether you are a battle tested athlete or a recent couch potato just starting off, you will feel at home here. We celebrate diversity.

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“No, it doesn’t ever get any easier. You wouldn’t want it to either.” – Greg Glassman, founder of CrossFit, Inc.

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