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I LOVED this place. I have been in town for work and was so lucky to find this place. It was close to the office and hotel and easy to find. More importantly: they welcome a drop in like their own members. I never felt like a stranger the entire time I was there and more importantly : I got in some amazing workouts. This will be my go to box anytime I’m in town !!

Hope Kaser

BNKR gives me so much more than a gym. The workout is an hour I devote to my self as a busy wife, mom, and teacher. A true refuge, an escape from the everyday. BNKR is a family of athletes and coaches that will welcome you where you are, encourage you through the hard times and push you beyond what you ever imagined possible for yourself.

Kimberly Guidry Coopwood

I’ve been a part of BNKR for over 2 years and I love it now just as much as the first WOD they put me through! Great community and honest owners who really care about your overall health and enjoyment. Keep it up guys!!!

Chris Hearn

❤️ CrossFit, its coaches (especially Chris), and our CrossFit family. I thought that I would struggle to force myself to go especially since it is such an intense workout but I actually look forward to going each & every time. I was recently unable to attend for 2 months and it just about killed me. No not literally but I just missed it so much. Thanks to BKNR coaches & staff for all you do for us and thanks to our CF family for always encouraging each other.

Elaine Ramirez

I’ve been working out with these guys since October of 2013. I’m almost upon my third anniversary. While during that time I haven’t always been the most consistent with getting there or my nutrition decisions….when I do come in and put in the work and keep my diet consistent…it pays off in a BIG way! The coaches at BNKR are constantly bettering themselves to help their students hit PR’s and achieve new skills while keeping proper form.

Erin Elaine Mosley

This place is great! In town for two weeks and needed somewhere to get a few workouts in. The coaches and members are welcoming and made me feel at home right away! In just one day, it already feels like a home away from home. Thanks!!!

Felipe Camargo

I love to drop in to local boxes when I travel and this is my fave so far! Everyone was so friendly & welcoming & the partner wod was fun & a great workout! The box itself is a beautiful space. Can’t wait to head back this way and visit again.

Lynn Pointer

Awesome BOX!!!! I’m in town for a week and I couldn’t have picked a better place to drop in. The community is very welcoming and the programming is top notch. The coaches are very knowledgeable and motivating .

Jose Cortes

If you ever want to start in Crossfit, the Bunker BNKR is the place to do it. Not only do you get an amazing workout, but you are coached by professional, friendly athletes, who care about your success at any level. The coaches are humble, respectful and compassionate. For all of you who are just thinking about joining, go check it out.

Grif Kolberg


At The Bunker you will experience a unique approach to fitness. Whether you are a battle tested athlete or a recent couch potato just starting off, you will feel at home here. We celebrate diversity.

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